Lifeline Service Dogs

Alone We Are Weak, Together We Conquer!

Good Intentions…..

And so, once again much more time has passed than desired between posts. Good intentions are that posting might happen regularly….as in possibly weekly. But with all honesty, our website has been our lowest priority.

All of us are working with this organization as a ministry, not a full-time career. So as clients come to us, training starts, and website,….well it sits, stays, well just on its own.

Excitedly, we announce two new teams with a potential of a third:

Joshua and Rose intend on certifying sometime in 2015 Continue reading

Non-Profit here we come!

We are excited and cautious to announce that we have begun the path to


“LUKE” Donated by Halfpint Aussies started basic training Mar 2014

becoming a non-profit organization.

Each year, we get several requests from large businesses wanting to donate….if only we were tax-exempt so that they could use it as a tax write-off.

We have hesitated up to know to move forward….not knowing how it would change our overall goal: to provide service dogs through personalized methods

at absolute lowest cost available.

However, we have now hired someone knowledgeable in this area, ministry

minded, and dedicated to LifeLine who is beginning to walk us through the process of merging these two needs. Our goal, beginning at date of application for tax-exemption, will be that the cost to clients will NEVER be higher than $3500. This being said, we would like our trainers to be doing more than donating their time. We will be, as an organization, asking for funding through big business donation, personalized gifts, and awareness fundraising, offfering scholarships for costs that go above and beyond the capped amount.

As part of this process, we will be adding regular blogging to our site so that those who are supporting us and those interested in involvement, may come to know more intimately what LIFELINE does.

Please pray for this process as well as KEEP CHECKING IN for news!!!!



LifeLine in a Nutshell

 Many people have asked me, “What does LifeLine do?”

Beyond the cliche answer (“We train dogs.”) I would like to quickly summarize the heart and direction of our organization:

LifeLine Service Dogs is an organization thSashaandLizaat umbrellas trainers who train in similar ways and with similar values. Using mainly positive training methods, our trainers focus on understanding the whole dog so as to address the root issue rather than just treat symptoms. Many of our trainers began as pet owners and hobby trainers for personal dogs. As they fell in love with the dogs and their learning, we would begin to ask ourselves, “What more? What can we do with this skill that serves more than ourselves?”

LifeLine Service Dogs offers trained service dogs. Instead of raising and training in a kennel environment, the dogs we train are raised in the homes of trainers and receive 24/7 training from us. We also develop relationships that go beyond selling a product to someone in need: we sincerely long to understand the intricate needs of each individual and personally guide them along the path to a successful team certification….in the long run, a life with more independence. We also will evaluate and train a personal pet for service work if both applicant and canine pass our screening. Here are some of the different ways we place a full-access service dog:

Trained service dog matched with applicant

Applicant’s pet trained with one of our trainers

Trainer working with applicant to train their pet

LifeLine also offers behavioral modification consultation and other non-service dog training services:

Group Classes: Obedience, Agility, Scent work, Therapy Prep

Private Sessions: problem behavior, personal attention, and more.

Trained Dogs for Sale: Family pets, Search/Rescue, Therapy/Service

Check out the rest of our webpages for more info….

LifeLine is dedicated to furthering the understanding of our canine friends and helping those with physical needs become more independent. Those seeking a career in animals are encouraged to consider apprenticing with one of our trainers to evaluate if our training program may be what they are searching for.

For more info contact us either through the website or our phone contact 734-780-4894

Disability Awareness Day

LifeLine Service Dogs was asked to have a booth at the Disabilities Awareness Conference put on by Kent County Disabilities Advocates. Two of our trainers, Cheryl and Judith, along with a certified team, Brenda and Shadow, handed out pamphlets and talked with people throughout the day. Shadow, our constant talker did get her word in edgewise but did an amazing job. I’d like to offer a big congrats at the progress that this team has made. They make LifeLine proud to have them in public!

As a people watcher, I had lots of time throughout the day to observe the many faces and eyes: So many people were afraid to make eye contact, to even give more than the automatic ‘Hi, how are you?’ until they saw the dog. Once their eyes landed on the dog, they stayed there but still managed only to maintain partial semblance of a conversation. I found this sad to watch: the people so needing a connection are the ones most afraid to seek it….to hope for it.

Second observation was one of the resources available: We saw many great organizations offering emergency call phones, food banks, therapies, and education on numerous disabilities. But what I heard over and over was that there was such limitation on cost or transportation. Even people who said, I would have a service dog if I could know that I could get it to the vet. But transportation was always the issue. Wondering at what the solution might be….?

On a very positive note, I was impressed at the way each organization was interested in the next and not threatened by a sense of competition or a feeling that they, and only they were the one and only answer. Instead, booth personal would take advantage of the down times to intently browse the info, pick up pamphlets, and have long conversations brainstorming how to network and combine different services for the best results!

Overall, the day was a thing of God’s timing and we wait expectantly for how He may use it in the months to come.